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About Head Bangas

They say it takes one to know one, and it was the experience of alopecia 20 years ago that inspired Head Bangas’ founder Anita Banga to create the finest hair replacement systems for women with hair loss. She recalls: “I’d been through a bad break up. I felt incredibly stressed. One day, friends pointed out I was developing a bald patch below my crown. It was the last thing I needed. I was young, just graduated from the Toni & Guy™ academy, and on course for a big West End styling career. But the alopecia changed the course of my life forever - ultimately for the better."

While accompanying a friend suffering from trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling) on a visit to her wig maker, Anita realised she had found her calling. “From the moment I saw the art of wig making in action I knew it was the outlet for my passion for hair,” she enthuses. “So I got a job there. I threw myself into creating perfect hairpieces.” Anita developed her colour blending and specialist bonding skills into her own unique design of semi-permanent hair replacement system that fulfils Head Bangas’ mission statement - to truly allow women freedom to live life to the full.

“My goal was to create a non-surgical treatment for thinning hair in women that could be worn like real hair," says Anita. "Wigs are great, but can have limitations if you want to lead an active life. My special system of bonding replacement hair to a fixed hypoallergenic mesh gives the flexibility to do just that. I do not use any glues or clips to secure the hair - everything is done naturally. And once fixed, you really can treat it just like your own.” Today, Anita and her team help thousands of women overcome the trauma of thinning hair, one strand at a time.

Anita’s History

Originally trained at London’s famous Toni & Guy academy, Anita gained further experience in a succession of top London hairdressers, including Hair Associates™, Visage™, and Toni & Guy. In an attempt to understand all areas of her craft, she also spent three years designing, cutting, and creating hairpieces and wigs.

Anita later worked at Lucinda Ellery™, becoming one of their busiest and most popular hair extension designers. From here she progressed and co-founded Fibre Café™, which then evolved into becoming Mark Glenn Ltd™, where she was also a co-founder. After 12 years, she decided to use her wealth of experience and knowledge and set up her own business, Head Bangas. Since the advent of Head Bangas in 2012, the salon has gone from strength to strength.”

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