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Safely Applying Hair Extensions in Notting Hill Gate, London

Hair extensions will give you the “wow” factor, adding luscious volume and length to your locks. Thousands of women wear extensions every day, giving them a subtle and often undetectable improvement to their hair. At Head Bangas, in Notting Hill Gate, London, we supply and carefully fit both synthetic and human hair extensions, making your hair looks healthier, thicker, and longer. Clients also visit our clinic for hair loss solutions.

A Choice of Extensions

At Head Bangas, we use both types of hair for fashion extensions: fibre (synthetic) and human hair. Fibre is lighter in weight, which is ideal for women who have fine, fragile hair, but it is also suitable for normal hair. Human hair is heavier in weight, which is perfect for women who have normal, medium-to-thick, stronger hair.

Fibre Hair Extensions

Firstly, we take approximately a 1cm-section of your own hair and divide it into two sections. Next, we add strands of fibre which are also divided into two sections. Then, both your hair and fibre are entwined together at the root area, forming a small braid called the four-stem braid system. Finally, the extensions are sealed with a heated tong to form the extension, which is perfectly safe for your hair. Two of our professional hair technicians work simultaneously, sharing the creation of the extension, while no glue, clips, or beads are used. Once the extensions are applied, they both look and feel natural.

Applying the Extensions

With both types of hair extension, we first prepare your hair by brushing and dividing it into small sections. We blend the hair used in the extensions to give a natural look or to add highlights, lowlights, or both. In each case the results are simply amazing. There are differences between the application processes depending on which extensions you choose, and they are detailed below. Both application processes will be discussed with you during your free, initial, no-obligation consultation.

Human Hair Extensions

To begin, small wefts of human hair strands are taken from a bundle of hair. Next, strands of your own hair are taken into box-like sections, equalling the amount of human hair wefts, which then will be added to your hair using a very small dot of resin near the root area. This enables both your hair and human hair to bond together to form the extension, which will feel and look like your hair. This is not the end of the story, however, as we ensure all clients are advised on aftercare so that their hair looks perfect for as long as the extensions are in place.

“The extra confidence … is invaluable”

“I have been going to see Anita for more than 10 years, and from my first appointment I knew I had made the correct decision. The extra confidence that comes with having a professional team who are not only thoroughly knowledgeable but also sensitive to each person’s needs is invaluable. I recommend Anita and Head Bangas for anyone who wants better-looking hair.”


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