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Read Reviews Left by Our Past Clients following their hair loss and restoration treatment ar our London Hair Loss Clinic.

“I felt very comfortable and not at all self-conscious”

“I have had severe hair loss problems, cause unknown, for many years. In May, I tried a new salon, Head Bangas, had the hair loss system fitted, and returned after six weeks for an adjustment. I was over the moon with my hair and how natural it looked. The staff were welcoming and I felt very comfortable and not at all self-conscious. Anita, the owner, has had hair loss problems herself and really understood how I felt. It was a bonus to find that her prices were very competitive. I will be returning and can highly recommend the salon.”


“The extra confidence … is invaluable”

“I have been going to see Anita for more than 10 years, and from my first appointment I knew I had made the correct decision. The extra confidence that comes with having a professional team who are not only thoroughly knowledgeable but also sensitive to each person’s needs is invaluable. I recommend Anita and Head Bangas for anyone who wants better-looking hair.”


“Put me at ease and treated me like a friend”

“Dear Anita, I just wanted to write and tell you how much you have helped to change my life over the last couple of years. Thinning hair was so confidence destroying, I didn’t go out if I could help it, and when I had to be in the wheelchair, it was worse knowing people were looking down on to top of head and seeing my scalp, but you changed all that with my hair replacement. From my first appointment you have put me at ease and treated me like a friend. My visits to you are a great day out; coffee, chat, laughter, and great hair at the end of it. Thank you so much.”


“I wished I had done this years ago”

“Having suffered many years of my hair thinning, which also exposed my scalp, I had to accept the fact that this was a part of my appearance that I could not change. I have tried many different hairstyles to cover up my problem and to increase the volume to make my hair appear thicker. No matter what I wore and how I dressed, my hair always let my appearance down. I felt and looked 10 years older and lost all my self-confidence as I felt people noticed my scalp. The day I dreaded most was when my son told me he was getting married, and as I look totally ridiculous in a hat, I thought this was the final straw. “How could I have my photo taken looking like this?” So I decided to look at what could be done. The thought of a wig slipping off during the wedding breakfast was not an option, and I certainly would not have been presentable at such an occasion with my remaining hair (swept) back and hidden under a scalp net. Then I found Anita. I made the appointment and took my daughter and best friend along with me for moral support. That was the day that changed me back to ‘Lynne’. It was one of the happiest days in my life, and my daughter and best friend were shocked at the fantastic transformation to the way I looked. While the procedure took place, I felt at ease by the assured and talented care of Anita. I think those with me were more apprehensive than I was, as they would have had to endure a train ride back with me from London if things did not go well. My daughter, Louise, was so happy she took a photo and sent it straight to her dad. He also was surprised and he thought he had a new chick! All the way home on the train, Donna kept looking at me and felt she had a new best friend that looked 10 years younger. I could never return to the way I looked before I met Anita. She has not only changed my appearance but her amazing work gave me the confidence that I lacked in socialising outside a network of family and great friends. Since starting with Anita two and a half years ago, I have had different tones added and several style changes, all of which were suggested by Anita. I felt I had total confidence in her work and advice. I have never been afraid to try any new looks. I am so happy with my new look - I wished I had done this years ago.”


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